Hello friends!

Welcome to our brand new website.  We’re glad you stopped by, or stumbled by on your way somewhere else, either case you’re here and you should really look around. 🙂

We are more excited with every passing day for our arrival in the Dominican Republic.  What a year it’s been of planning, preparing, fund raising, meetings, trainings, etc. and we are ready to make the big move.

Since you’re here, let me highlight one thing.  We recently re-wrote our vision page because over the last few months we have begun to understand a little clearer why it is the Lord is moving our family to the island of Hispañola. It really is so exciting and in many ways the transformation is already taking place.

Just go to the top of the page and click vision, you’ll see it all there.

Until we see you again,

Stephen and Vanderly


2 responses to “Hello friends!

  1. Dear Beloved Brother ,
    We spreading the Fragrance of Jesus, Near and Far. 2 Cor. 2:14, 15
    Touch the Untouched and Reach the Unreached Villages in India.
    Heartiest Greetings you in the Magnanimous name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. God has privileged us to send this e-mail today ((05-07-2013) to you for your kind Co-operation for the extension of the Kingdom of God in India. If God inspires you please have your involvement in the way God enables you and strengthens your hand. Years are passing very quickly. We know that our Dear Lord’s coming is very imminent. We are seeing the signs of His advent. But still there is a lot of Gospel work to do. A number of precious souls are perishing before our eyes without knowing Jesus. Our ambition is to reach every nook and corner and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. In this aspect, you know pretty well, India is a Country of idolatry and superstitions. Indians Worship more than 35 million gods and goddesses. Out of one billion Indians only 3% are Christians. In this regard, we request you very humbly to have your partnership with us in the Gospel service in our Country, India.
    At this juncture, we are honored to be drawn your attention towards this conspicuous request, for which, we are Humbly and Cordially Inviting you to make a visit to our State Andhra Pradesh, India , to Preach and Teach the good news of the Gospel in our Fellow Church Congregations. Jesus said to Peter in John 21:15-17? Feed my Lambs. We believe that it is the Will of our Heavenly Father to feed His Lambs. The Organization deals with organizes, Children, help the Old aged People and Poor Widows. Please encourage us with your kindest reply for which God will surely bless you, your Family and Ministry abundantly. We shall await for your fruitful response in this regard with Hopefully and Prayerfully in Christ Jesus.
    Thanking you Brother,
    Yours Brother in His Mighty service
    Pastor Ravindra Babu.P
    Founder & Director
    Holy Fire Ministries
    NOTE : If you want any furthermore information from our side we are ready to furnish such information to your kind notice and file accordingly. Praise the Lord for His glory. Amen !!


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