We are Stephen and Vanderly Arnold, and we have three children, Zoë, Joshua and Eliana.  Together we love music, dancing, laughing, art, nature, books, yummy food, mountains and water.  We’re a family, and we love it.

In the spring of 2010, God began to speak to our hearts about moving to the Dominican Republic full time to live in and serve at a Children’s Home and health clinic built in the small town of Jimaní.  At the time, missions was not even on the radar, so to speak, but by the end of summer  it became abundantly clear that we were to go.  People have asked how long will we live in the Dominican and our honest answer is, we don’t know.  God said go, so will be there until He says otherwise. In May 2013, we will be starting our 2nd year living there where we now love on an average of 50 children at the Children’s Home.

We love that we have this opportunity to bring in the homeless, helpless and abandoned and give them a brand new start.  This is really the message that Jesus brings to everyone and we have this chance to live this message out in such a powerful and tangible way.

We would really love for you to join us on this great adventure.  On our home page you can click to follow our blog, it’s where we post our most frequent updates.  You can also sign up to receive our newsletter.  It comes out about every 4-6 weeks and gives a bigger picture on all that’s going on.

Thank you again for coming to our page,

The Arnold family