Everything we do, you do…

When you choose to support us in prayer or finances, it really is like you’re right there with us.  It’s that simple and that profound.  As independent missionaries, our monthly income comes from donations of individuals, families, and organizations.  That means that every cup of cold water and every hot meal, each hug of a child and even healing the sick, you are directly responsible for and that is a beautiful thing.

Each month we need $2,500, in monthly support, to live and work in Jimaní, Dominican Republic.  We do not receive a salary or compensation of any kind for our work in the D.R. so we are deeply grateful for those who choose to make sacrifices on our behalf and love us financially.  You are our allies and our friends!

All of our financial support is initially received by NewSprings Foundation.  NewSprings Foundation is a missions sending organization and they have graciously come along side of us to assist us in managing all of the donations that we receive.  NewSprings is a 501c3 non-profit so all of your giving is tax deductible. Please make all checks payable to NewSprings Foundation.

Partnering with us financially can be done through monthly support and one-time donations.  You can do this either online or by mail through these three options:

  1. Mail a check to NewSprings Foundation:  2131 White Tail Trail, Lakeland, FL 33811
  2. Give online through the NewSprings website
  3. Donate through online bill pay which is set up by you through your bank. (This 3rd method is the most cost effective for monthly donations)

Please make out all checks payable to NewSprings Foundation!

To begin supporting us, visit the NewSprings website at:
For mail and bill pay set up use this address:
NewSprings Foundation
2131 White Tail Trail
Lakeland, FL 33811
Email NewSprings Foundation directly at: