What is a Carpenter?

I read a quote by Reinhard Bonke the other day that got my wheels turning. I thought it was great so I re-posted it on Facebook. But the way my wheels began to turn this morning was a spin off, … Continue reading

Hello friends!

Welcome to our brand new website.  We’re glad you stopped by, or stumbled by on your way somewhere else, either case you’re here and you should really look around. 🙂

We are more excited with every passing day for our arrival in the Dominican Republic.  What a year it’s been of planning, preparing, fund raising, meetings, trainings, etc. and we are ready to make the big move.

Since you’re here, let me highlight one thing.  We recently re-wrote our vision page because over the last few months we have begun to understand a little clearer why it is the Lord is moving our family to the island of Hispañola. It really is so exciting and in many ways the transformation is already taking place.

Just go to the top of the page and click vision, you’ll see it all there.

Until we see you again,

Stephen and Vanderly