Chadasha Children’s Home

The Children’s Home was built in 2009 by the Chadasha Foundation as a concerted effort to bring relief to the massive need of homeless and abandoned children in both the D.R. and Haiti.  It is our privilege to live as a family in this environment and bring orphaned and abandoned children into a greater family where… (read more)


Health Clinic

The health clinic is located on the same campus as the Children’s Home, about a hundred yards away.  The clinic is currently open during the day, five days a week, offering treatment from a Dominican general practitioner.  The goal is to eventually(read more)



One of the primary ways that we want to serve the Children’s Home and eventually the surrounding communities is through aquaponics. Aquaponics is combining aqua culture, which is raising fish in tanks, and hydroponics which is growing vegetables without soil, and combining them into one self-sustaining system. The beauty of this system is that it allows…(read more)         



Haitian Bateys

In and around Haiti are small villages called Bateys (Bu-tā).  Due to their remote locations, these nearly 50 villages have simply been numbered as a way to keep track of them as many of them are cut off from the main land of Haiti. These Bateys are usually… (read more)



It is common for children to not enter kindergarten on time due to financial limitations as well as for them to repeat it twice because they do not understand basic concepts like letters and numbers. The concept of preschool education in the Dominican Republic is rare so we are offering an age-appropriate program to help prepare children for… (read more)