Children’s Home

The orphanage was built in 2009 by the Chadasha Foundation as a concerted effort to bring relief to the massive need of homeless and abandoned children in both the D.R. and Haiti.  It is our privilege to live as a family in this environment and bring orphaned and abandoned children into a greater family where we can infuse a culture of love and honor and transform their destinies. Currently, we care for about 50 children.

We work alongside the local agency for child and family services to locate and bring in children from wherever they are.  The Children’s Home reflects a large part of why we are in the Dominican Republic.  We thrive on caring for the poorest of the poor and for whose who can’t care for themselves.  We want to be God’s hands in reaching out and loving those in need.

The Bottom Floor:


12 boys rooms (for up to 50 boys)


An outdoor dining area

Room for House Mom


Home for other missionary family

The Upper Floor:

12 girls rooms (for up to 50 girls)

Girls’  Bathroom

Room for House Mom

4 Classrooms

Our home


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