On-site Education

preschoolPreschool: It is common for children to not enter kindergarten on time due to financial limitations as well as for them to repeat it twice because they do not understand basic concepts like letters and numbers. The concept of preschool education in the Dominican Republic is rare so we are offering an age-appropriate program to help prepare children for kindergarten-level skills. We have also allowed younger elementary children to attend if they cannot afford to go to public school, helping them receive minimal academic learning.

Primary Education: The preschool, began in January of 2011, meets in 2 classrooms on the second floor of the orphanage and currently has up to 18 children taught by 2 Dominican teachers.

Due to most of the children we care for being Haitian, Creole is their heart-language, therefore Spanish is the second language. Most of our children have never been in school so they do not know how to read or write in creole or spanish. We provide on-site education to those children who do not have permission to attend the public school in town, teaching them how to write and read in spanish. Currently, we have 2 classrooms with up to 20 students with 2 teachers.


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