Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will you live in the D.R.?
A: It is indefinite. This is a lifestyle we are being called to and for now it is in the context of the D.R. and Haiti.

Q: If we want to sponsor your family monthly, what do we do?
A: The simplest way is to click on the Donate tab at the top of our website.  There you will find instructions on how to set up monthly support.

Q: Why does it cost so much for you to live there?
A: A number of reasons, but we would be happy to explain in more detail if you would like to contact us. Some, not all, of the reasons include: food, phone and internet, returning to the states annually, insurances, children’s education, mission projects and more. Our finances are kept accountable through our missions sending organization, NewSprings Foundation.

Q: What can you buy in Jimaní?
A: Very little.  In Jimani, only the minimal bare necessities are sold. There is no postal service or or any ‘Wal-mart’ type stores where we are going. Any supplies we’ll need will require a long-distance drive or brought in by volunteers.



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