The Hanley Family

John and Melissa Hanley have been friends of ours for nearly ten years.  They are currently full time missionaries in the Dominican Republic and have been there since 2007.  They moved to Jimaní in 2010 to get the Children’s Home up and running and began to care for their 1st three children in November 2010. It is an honor for our family to come along side of them and love the poor of the D.R. & Haiti.  They have 2 children, Maicol, 16 and Kate, 12.

You can see more of the work they’re doing at their website:

NewSprings Foundation

NewSprings Foundation, Inc. is a sending agency whose mission is to serve a new generation of missionaries.  They offer support, encouragement and accountability in the area of financial management.

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The Covenant Center

In January 2011, we came under the leadership and mentoring of the Covenant Center in Lakeland, FL. The Covenant Center was birthed from a vision given to Richard and Rebecca Maisenbacher that encompasses individuals and groups from various Christian denominations.  They believe that the entire Body of Christ is commissioned to go into the world and make disciples.

We became ordained through The Covenant Center in April 2011, and they serve as our spiritual covering providing us counsel and prayer.

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The Chadasha Foundation

The Chadasha Foundation was begun by a group of Christian doctors and business people deeply impacted by the dire situations of poverty, illness and hopelessness they found in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  They are the organization that built the orphanage and health clinic and are the governing entity over the vision for the Jimani project.

Chadasha is the Hebrew word meaning “new” or “fresh”. It is the word used for New Covenant (Jer 31:31) New Spirit (Ez 36:26) and New Song (Ps 40:3).  “At Chadasha, we believe God has called us into a ministry that brings new life, new hope and a new song to a people that have endured much suffering.” (From their website)

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