Our vision is to see complete transformation of the Island of Hispañola, shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  This is something only possible through divine intervention, and that’s why we believe that it’s both possible and heaven breathed.

There is a standard that Jesus revealed when he prayed, “Father, your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” It is these few words, on earth as it is in heaven, that must grip us and shape us as we view our world around us.  Heaven is the model.  It is what every follower of Jesus is called to establish in our own cultural environment

We believe this will begin to be accomplished in these three ways: honor, servanthood and worship

Honor: The standard we have set within our own family is to foster and live in a culture of honor and it is this same culture that we are establishing within the larger family of the children and staff of the orphanage.  It is where every person is treated with upmost value, regardless of age, size or ability. It is where life is given in our words, in our touch and in our hearts.  It is where we choose to see others from heaven’s perspective and speak to their eternal destinies. A culture of honor comes down to this: celebrating who people are without stumbling over who they are not.

Servanthood:  True servanthood is summed up in one statement found in Philippians 2:3 “Value others above yourself”.  It is the opposite of our human nature but it is the way of the Kingdom.  To truly serve someone in your heart you must value them above yourself.  This is how Jesus was able to do what he did on earth, on the cross. He valued us above himself, stunning.  He set the standard, all we have to do is follow him.

Worship: I list worship last because it is the most important, it is the foundation that everything rests upon. We worship what we love.  And loving Jesus is everything.  We will only be able to see profound cultural change through a passionate, focused and whole hearted pursuit of glorifying the name of our King.  Worship is expressed in song, in action, in art, in dance, in work and so much more.  But worship is birthed and nurtured in the affections of the heart. All we have to do is enjoy lifting him up and he will do the rest.

It is possible to transform a nation.  But it starts with transformed people.


2 responses to “Vision

  1. Gayle Rodgers from D164 Class

    Thank you Stephen for writing this. Reading this today has truly blessed my heart. I need to be reminded of this daily. One thing you wrote quoting “A culture of honor comes down to this: celebrating who people are without stumbling over who they are not.” When will we as Christians, really get a handle on what this means. I fall so short of this so many times. Forgive me, Lord. I need to see those whom I work with, through the eyes of my precious Papa (my Heavenly Father).

    Thank you for your servant’s heart and obedience.

  2. I am researching haitan bateyes for a current communications class that I am taking. I loved reading your posts and seeing your pictures. I traveled to haiti on short terms missions trips all through high school and am currently living in the dominican republic as an intern missionary through word of life. I would love to talk with you more seeing as you share the same love for both of these countries that I do, and am looking for future ministry opportunities to serve with. I wil lprovide my email below. God bless!

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